Raghee Horner’s DPMR Indicator

Available on: ThinkorSwim, TradingView

Eliminate Guesswork with Historical Daily Price Data

How do we use it?

Daily Price Movement Range (DPMR) is a 6-month historical look back of daily price movement ranges. This means you can now decide on prices for entries, targets, and exits that are based on historical data.
This is for trades that last from 24 hours to weeks. HPMR is for day trading and is NOT part of this indicator.

Skill level and asset classes:

Day Traders, ETF, and Futures Traders

Swing Traders

New to Advanced Traders

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With the monthly DPMR subscription you’ll get to see all the great features of this powerful tool.
With the Quarterly Subscription you’ll save over $200! You can cancel and renew the subscription at any time you choose.
Go all-in with the Annual Subscription and you’ll save over $350! Get a next-level view of market direction all year round.

Here’s what others have said about the DPMR Indicator

“@Lorna St. George Extraordinary work with the DPMR! You, Trish & Raghee are the Dream Team!”

- AnneF

"Raghee I am learning how to phase in my entries with a plan and confidence. Before I would stop out or get nervous. I can clearly see the plan and look for those Blue Light Specials. Thanks!"

- Cheryl

"100% OMG I want to cry trading is never going to be the same going forward thanks to Raghee"

- CLTradesr

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