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Discover the market ‘sweet spot’ for higher, faster gains…

Ultimate Day Trading Strategy

A Strategy that Helped Achieve 10X Gains in 45 days.

Learn How to Pull Full-Time Income In Almost Any Market – 2 Hours A Day

For the first time Raghee Horner revealed her powerful ‘morning pattern’ strategy

For the first time Raghee Horner revealed her powerful ‘morning pattern’ strategy

Discover the strategy for trading just 4 days a week

The “Ultimate Day Trading Strategy” is the essential method for higher, faster gains used by veteran trader Raghee Horner.

This is something traders are searching for. It’s that epiphany, or “ah-ha” moment to jumpstart their trading. In fact, many of them tell the story of how the market turned life upside down.

Now, they want more time and freedom to enjoy what really matters.

The problem is, these same traders are glued to their charts all day and stressed about their rapidly shrinking account balance.

Here’s an option: the “two-hour workday.”

This strategy is nimble and allows for actually sleeping at night. That’s because you only trade two hours a day and then you’re flat. Yet the profit potential is astonishing…

Here’s a screenshot of a $4,000 day trading setup…

image1 (1)

With her strategy in hand, Raghee is able to see levels that are historically effective support and resistance to enter trades.

And that's not even the best part…

What makes The “Ultimate Day Trading Strategy” so unique? It applies to futures, stocks, options, and ETFs.

And you definitely don’t need a huge account either…

The key is sizing positions, and avoiding drawdown (even in a volatile market).

If you want to reimagine what’s possible with your trading and develop a simple lifestyle trading plan, look no further than the “Ultimate Day Trading Strategy.”

This complete training system allows you to discover:

The powerful 2-hour ‘morning pattern’ responsible for 10x gains in 45 days

How to exploit this special ‘profit window’ with stocks, ETFs, options, or futures

Why Raghee has NEVER, EVER blown out an account in 30+ years

Raghee’s proven trading plan for exploiting this pattern just 4 days a week

Case Studies: How Raghee banks $3K+ gains in 75 minutes (or less) 

Raghee’s Ultimate Day Trading watchlist for stocks, futures, and ETFs 

How to always keep your account growing in up or down markets

Raghee’s proven trading plan for $500 to $5K intraday winners 

Choose The ‘Ultimate Day Trading Strategy’ Package You Want:

What's Included:

Includes Strategy
(Value $497)

VWAP Max Indicator
(Value $397)

E-Learning Module
(Value $497)

Recorded Pro Live Trading
(Value $297)

Recorded Elite Live Trading
(Value $297)

Sector Secrets Mastery Quarterly Membership (Value $597)



  • Strategy Class
  • VWAP Max Indicator
  • E-Learning Module
  • Recorded Pro Live Trading
  • Recorded Elite Live Trading
  • Sector Secrets Mastery Quarterly Membership
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  • Strategy Class
  • VWAP Max Indicator
  • E-Learning Module
  • Recorded Pro Live Trading
  • Recorded Elite Live Trading
  • Sector Secrets Mastery Quarterly Membership
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  • Strategy Class
  • VWAP Max Indicator
  • E-Learning Module
  • Recorded Pro Live Trading
  • Recorded Elite Live Trading
  • Sector Secrets Mastery Quarterly Membership
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    Here’s what others discovered when trading with Raghee Horner’s strategy:


    “@RH-havent even gone through your class yet and you have already let me pay for it 5x over! Thank you!”

    - I.M.

    “On a side note Congrats to Raghee Horner on another winner....exited my TLT  this morning for a 30% gain. I've held the options for 9 days. Had a target price of 180.00 on ZBUO to exit and got that this morning.”


    “Great class, thank you Raghee. Looking forward to seeing you in the live trading.”


    "@ragheehorner I realize that I've had blinders on and this class has just dissolved the blinders and opened up my vision. will take lots of replays. EXCELLENT CLASS.” 


    “RH Whilst I am still getting my head around all the last class, I have used some of the stuff that got shoved into my head Saturday to more than pay for the class (significantly!) :)"


    "@RH I exited UNG for a 64% profit! Thank you for your clear & patient guidance. Also, with your help from another play last week I have tripled my trading account. Feels great to be learning & earning!"


    "@RH Many Thanks Booked a huge gain from the ES V score -1 entry this morning. Took some heat but held on till my exit just now, Your work is greatly appreciated. More importantly the risk management worked."


    "@RH Second week in the room, up about $2,500, thanks all!!! I am taking the rest of the afternoon off" 


    "@RH Also looks like your "buy the dip" SPY atm calls will pay off nicely today (I did QQQ as well) TY for the alerts!!!"


    BASIC / $597

    Includes Strategy + VWAP Max Indicators + E-Learning Module

    In this popular Strategy Class, Raghee Horner reveals the “Ultimate Day Trading Strategy” that allowed her to grow a $7,500 account 10X in just 45 days. She only took a handful of trades each week, only watched the market two hours a day, and only traded Monday through Thursday.

    And even though Raghee is best known for mastery of futures and Forex, this strategy can actually work for almost any asset, including ETFs, stocks, and options.

    Group 43698

    At the heart of the strategy is a predictable morning pattern that occurs between 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. Eastern. This strategy is not for twitchy action junkies. Instead, it’s a reliable way to rack up substantial gains on a few trades each week. Raghee was able to turn $7.5K into $75K in a month and a half with almost zero drawdowns. She achieved 10X gains with such limited risk because she used her proprietary VWAP Max Indicators to trade in sync with the big institutional players.

    During this strategy class, you’ll discover how exactly Raghee identifies the precise entry, exit, and stop before she places a trade. Included at no extra charge with the class are Raghee’s acclaimed VWAP Max Indicators that she had custom-programmed.

    image2 (1)

    With every package you get the proprietary VWAP Max Indicators developed by Raghee and Eric Purdy, Simpler Trading Director of Quantitative Strategies. The classic VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) tool analyzes price and volume to help traders determine market sentiment with clarity. This custom version compares short-term and long-term VWAP as well as an “anchored” VWAP, moving VWAP, and intraday VWAP. It also combines price, time, and volume.

    You’ll discover how to use these powerful indicators to quickly identify market sentiment on any chart following Raghee’s step-by-step process. You’ll also learn how to use the VWAP to automate overbought and oversold readings and identify up, down, and choppy market conditions with astonishing clarity.


    E-Learning Module
    (Value $497)

    Also part of this package (when complete) is the E-Learning Module which presents all the important sections of the course in video modules that are organized into specific training topics.

    This system allows you to follow the course in bite-sized segments on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. These simpler modules allow you to stay connected with the course material while on a lunch break, between tasks at home, or any point where you have limited time. All course information is included so you can watch and learn at your own pace.

    PRO / $797

    Includes Strategy + VWAP Max Indicators + E-Learning Module + Recorded Pro Live Trading

    With the Pro Package, you’ll get everything included in the Basic Package plus the addition of powerful recorded training sessions.

    This is your opportunity to learn how Raghee trades in a live-trading session. There’s no better way to learn how to profit with the “Ultimate Day Trading Strategy” than to look over Raghee’s shoulder as she identified her day trading setups. These recordings of her real-time online sessions open up answers to trading in live market conditions.


    Live-trading recordings offer an accelerated learning experience as a way to “make these tools your own” because you get to see how the strategy played out during market hours and apply what you learn right away. You get to replay these sessions as often as you like and learn how Raghee takes advantage of the “morning pattern” to identify winning “sweet spot” trades.

    ELITE / $997

    Includes Strategy + VWAP Max Indicators + E-Learning Module + Recorded Pro Live Trading
    + Recorded Elite Live Trading + Sector Secrets Mastery Quarterly Membership

    With the Elite Package, you’ll get everything included in the Basic and Pro Packages PLUS additional recordings of exclusive, Elite Live-Trading Days.

    If you’re ready to go “all in” and have the maximum recorded live-trading experience with Raghee, the Elite Package is for you. You get a total of four recorded sessions to see how to apply the “Ultimate Day Trading Strategy”  - Raghee's best day trading strategy. The additional two days of recorded sessions effectively double your opportunity to “hardwire” this strategy into your brain and potentially recoup your investment in full, too.

    Here’s More of What You’ll Discover:


    How to avoid getting stuck in the wrong trades (and miss the best moves)

    The 2-hour ‘sweet spot’ that’s responsible for 10X gains in 45 days 

    How Raghee stacks her watchlist with the best stocks, futures, and ETFs 

    How to grow a super-small account in just 2-hours a day 

    How to exploit ‘rope-a-dope’ moves and profit from ‘sucker punches’ 

    Raghee’s secret for being profitable every year for 32 years in a row

    Sector Secrets

    Raghee’s Sector Secrets Mastery is where she shares her actual trades in real-time. Too busy to watch? With the Sector Secrets Mastery, trades made by Raghee can be sent via push notifications to your mobile device so you won’t have to worry about missing her trades.

    Live Trading

    Monthly interactive live-trading sessions with Raghee Horner

    Instant Real-Time Alerts

    Follow Raghee’s trades in real-time without watching the markets all day

    Updated Trade Spreadsheet

    Members can follow Raghee’s positions from entry to exit

    And so much more…

    With Sector Secrets Mastery, you get to follow Raghee’s trades without even watching the market unless you want to.

    The overall goal is for you to master Raghee’s strategy at your own pace while you get her trade alerts. Why go at it alone when you can follow a veteran trader in real-time?

    Simpler Futures links you with other like-minded traders and provides interactive connections to Raghee and other professional traders at Simpler Trading. We can’t stress enough the value of not trading alone.

    About Raghee Horner

    Raghee’s exposure to the markets began in a rather unconventional way. After all, she began charting her mutual fund progress on engineering graph paper at the age of 15. Once she noticed her money was growing while she was sleeping… she never looked back. She is the Managing Director of Simpler Futures and Forex Mastery.

    Raghee’s trading style was created by a system-inspired approach and a sequential process to building her trades. She’s most well-known for her specific tools (like her GRaB and Wave Premium Indicator). As a trend trader, identifying a dominant market trend is the first step. She uses three exponential moving averages and color-coded candles to visually identify the sentiment, momentum, and the trend.

    Her strategies, together with her indicators, allow any trader to approach the market more objectively, removing unsupported bias and emotions that can cloud judgment. Raghee utilizes fundamentals, technicals, and price action to deploy an objective, systematized strategy.

    Trading futures, spot currencies, options, and equities across any time frame is Raghee’s area of expertise. If you’re looking for a foot in the door in any of these areas of trading, she’s the best there is.

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