Taylor Hortons’ Big 3 Buy and Sell Signals

Quickly Identify Powerful, Directional Moves at a Glance

Available On: ThinkorSwim, TradingView


What makes an innovative indicator? Well, that’s what Taylor set out to answer during the process of creating his new Big 3 Buy and Sell Signals.

An innovative indicator should tell us when a setup is bullish or bearish, when and where to get long or short, and when to GTFO (Get The Funds Out). With the proper tools, we should be able to gauge whether a setup is worth our time (for longs or shorts) in a split second. Taylor’s Big 3 Buy and Sell Signals is a product of this time and research, and now you can also have it on your charts for the first time!

Big 3 combines Taylor’s checklists and favorite indicators to create the Big 3 signals. Big 3 stands for Trend, Structure, and Momentum. Criteria that when met can lead to powerful directional moves.

Let’s dive into this a little more. This indicator prints 2 separate colored arrows for easy reading: a green arrow to signal that the bullish criteria is met and a red arrow to signal that the bearish criteria is met.

When the arrow is light green, bullish criteria is met PLUS a squeeze whereas a light red arrow signals that the bearish criteria is met with a squeeze.

At the top, this indicator also has labels that correspond to the current bar of the referenced time frame and print across multiple time frames to confirm a particular setup’s strength. The strongest setups (bullish + bearish) tend to have the B3 bars across multiple time frames (the more the better).

In order to make our jobs easy, we built out the multi-big 3 labels, which give us a valuable birds-eye view of our signals across all time frames. Rather than looking at 5+ time frames, Taylor simplified the process while still seeing signals in one chart.