The 10x Bars Indicator

Know when to hold on for an outside move, and when to GTFO (Get The Funds Out)

Available On: ThinkorSwim, Tradestation, and TradingView. Tastytrade is a separate purchase.

How Do We use It?

The 10x Bars Indicator is used to quickly understand the trend quality and strength on any chart at a glance. Based on a calculation of the ADX and DMI, the 10x Bars combines and simplifies the analysis from these powerful indicators. The goal is to make trading decisions simpler.

Combining the information from 10x Bars with volume further strengthens the signal because, as John Carter says, “Momentum + volume is magic.”

The 10x Bars are an excellent complement to the Squeeze because they are designed to confirm when a trend is strong. And when a trend is weak, it can serve as an early warning to GTFO (Get The Funds Out).

The 10x Bars will plot green, yellow, or red based on the underlying calculation of the ADX and DMI indicators.

Bars that show a dot indicate 30% above average volume on that timeframe, indicating a stronger conviction to the trend. For yellow bars, we want to either avoid those setups or trade them in a non-directional manner until directional conviction is established. We want to trade in the direction of the 10x Bars as that gives us the best probability of success in a trade.


Options Traders

Futures Traders

ETF Traders

Stock Traders

New to Advanced Traders

Indicator Setup

Getting your new 10x Bars Indicator setup and ready to go is quick and easy because the creator of these powerful tools, Eric Purdy, will walk you through everything step by step in a pre-recorded session.

Lifetime Updates and Live Tech Support

Simpler Trading’s award-winning technical support team will help you with any issue you may have! Call in during regular business hours and we will always be able to solve your problems through email or over the phone. With this package, you will have access to the 10x Bars Indicator for life.


“JC the 10x bars have made it way easier for me to manage my emotions, as you say just follow the colors. Thats IT!”

- Shamrock

“@JC I've been finding the 10x bars really helpful. In the last few days, as the market as chopped, they have given me the confidence to stay in trades I might normally have gotten out of and helped me cut two that, prior to using the 10x bars, I would have stayed in and lost money.”

- Angie

Understand the Trend Quality and Strength on Any Chart at a Glance!


A: Absolutely! You will receive a prerecorded session with Eric Purdy on installation of the indicators, along with textual guides and other valuable materials.

A: Traders who purchase this bundle will have access to these indicators and all videos associated with it forever with no additional fees.

This Indicator Bundle works with ThinkorSwim, Tradestation, tastytrade, and TradingView (does not include buy/sell arrows.)

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