Trading Psychology and Money Management Blueprint


In Danielle’s psychology session –

  • Learn how to recognize when your trade monster is coming out and taking control. How it takes over and robs you of your methodology, discipline, and business structure in the interest of fear and/or greed.
  • Know the signals that your trade monster is out of control, and why it’s so critical to remember that we aren’t in charge of the market.
  • Learn how to look at every single trade, the good and the bad, as a lesson, and why you can’t be a successful trader until you do.
  • The surefire steps to blowing out your trading account, and how to avoid them.
  • The methods of self-inflicted trading pain and why technical analysis and methodology are so critical for avoiding trading pain. For example, you may take profits too soon. Did you know your Fibonacci extensions?
  • Danielle’s biggest offenders: When they happened, how they happened, how she came back from them, and how she’s making sure they don’t happen again.

In John’s psychology session –

  • Learn that psychology and money management are directly correlated, and how they’re directly correlated.
  • How the media, news, and social media sites affect your psychology, and how that ultimately affects your trading (and not for the better).
  • Why not being able to tackle the psychological aspect of trading will always lead to frustrating results.
  • Why a 40% win ratio is actually far more impressive than a 99% win ratio, and how someone with a 40% win ratio clears a million a year in profit.
  • John’s favorite saying “feeding the ducks” discussed in detail, and why it’s not about how much you can make, it’s about how much you can lose (and other thoughts on speculation).


Course Breakdown

  • John’s Psychology Session: 1 hour and 53 minutes
  • Danielle’s Psychology Session: 1 hours and 27 minutes

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