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The simple guide to trading ETFs

Discover the hidden profit potential of ETFs

Learn three simple strategies for low-cost trading

Have you ever wondered how to make astonishing gains with ETF options? For some traders, this is the secret weapon to their success.

In fact, most traders don’t know that they could get much more “bang for their buck” with ETF options. ETFs are ideal for traders with smaller accounts who want to target rapid gains without risking much capital.

Using simple and time-tested patterns can produce winning trades like this…

This 2X winner in DIA generated $1,800 per contract!

chart (1)

This is a method that worked well because of the formula used to set up the long entries. And the best part? Traders will only need to learn three basic strategies to get a better bang for their buck.

With the “ETF Master Class,” there’s no need for complicated explanations or big learning curves to understand ETFs.

Discover the ‘orthodox’ power of ETFs

In her 30+ years of trading, Raghee Horner, Managing Director of Futures at Simpler Trading, has found the most effective ways to trade. Not to mention, her astonishing returns with ETF options.

With her “ETF Master Class,” Raghee shares three of her favorite options strategies.

You’ll learn how Raghee exploits “cheap” ETF options using low-risk setups.

In this step-by-step training you’ll discover:

Case Study: Raghee’s long call for $1,800 in DIA

Simple steps to structuring trades better

How to quickly identify relative outperformers (so you don’t miss out on the big moves)

Decoding sector movement (and how they “dance” with each other)

The secret to avoiding a beating when the market rolls over

Case Study: Raghee’s shockingly inexpensive XLV trade


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What's Included:

Recorded Strategy Class

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E-Learning Module

(Value $597)

2 Days Pro Recorded Live Trading

(Value $400)

2 Days Elite Recorded Live Trading

(Value $400)

Sector Secrets Mastery Quarterly

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Recorded Strategy Class
E-Learning Module
2 Days Pro Recorded Live Trading
2 Days Elite Recorded Live Trading
Sector Secrets Mastery Quarterly
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Recorded Strategy Class
E-Learning Module
2 Days Pro Recorded Live Trading
2 Days Elite Recorded Live Trading
Sector Secrets Mastery Quarterly
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Recorded Strategy Class
E-Learning Module
2 Days Pro Recorded Live Trading
2 Days Elite Recorded Live Trading
Sector Secrets Mastery Quarterly
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Using this strategy helped Raghee Horner generate a record 144k in Profit YTD

Raghee Horner’s YTD Profits:

Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 12.52.25 PM

Here’s what others say about trading with Raghee Horner’s strategy:


“I just wanna say I am not a futures trader but I can't stop listening to your videos. So good and so much amazing information packed in the few minutes. Thank you!”


“Have been a member for several months now and it is making a huge difference for me. Of the many Ragheeisms the one that is resonating for me these days is ‘got to develop my risk muscle’. Thank you so much, I've learned so much in a short time”

- Chris

“Thank you for the webinar Raghee.  Great info, even though I am an ABSOLUTE newbie.”

- Deborah

“This is the first time I have participated inday trades and I think these are the best profits I have ever made”


“Thank you Raghee. You're an Artist. Brilliant.”

-Dan R

“Sector Secrets has made such a difference in my trading success!! Thanks Raghee!!”


“I've been with Simpler for many years and being in Sector Secrets with you and everyone else has been one of the best things that has happened here for me.  Thanks so much....Your chart is a trading system in graphic form.  Our interaction here is putting the "meat on the bones" of it for me. The trading plan is very reasonable (read brilliant) and will be repeatable for life.  I really like the system.  The support here is a wonderful bonus.  Thanks so much.”


“TJX trade made.  First Sector Secrets trade in the bag....let's go! Cheers all.”


“Thank you for sharing your sector layouts. Half the battle is organizing charts and making sense of so much info. These layouts are incredibly helpful. Much appreciated!”


“Haven't even gone through your class yet and you have already let me pay for it 5x over! Thank you!”


BASIC / $497 $1,194

Recorded Strategy Class + E-Learning Module

ETF Master Class

Learn how Raghee uses sector rotation and indices to identify potential ETF and individual stock trade setups. Here’s a little secret behind her amazing results…

ETFs give traders amazing leverage with much less risk because they’re so much cheaper.

In the ETF Master Class Raghee’s unlocking her proven playbook. It’s designed to work for different trading styles because of how simple and powerful it is.


Here’s What You’ll Discover:

3 Simple To Use Options Strategies: To apply directly to ETFs on end-of-day time frames

Raghee’s Favorite Sectors To Watch And Trade: To help you build your own watchlist to trade this strategy

The Few Simple Steps To Structuring Trades Better: Which helps cut down pre-market research and gets you to focus on trading sooner

How To Quickly Identify Relative Outperformers: So you don’t miss out on the big moves

The Power To Use ETFs To Look Into Their Accompanying Stock: Once you know this, you can learn how to play BOTH at the same time

Case Study: The low-cost, trend play in XLK (that moved over 10 points)

Case Study: The inexpensive, long call in DIA (that made $1,800 in profit)

And so much more…

Premium / $797

Recorded Strategy Class + E-Learning Module + 2 Days Recorded Pro Live-Trading

Two Days Recorded Pro Live-Trading

With the Premium package you can follow exactly how Raghee trades ETFs in exclusive recordings of her live-trading sessions. See how she identifies setups in real time and look over her shoulder as she manages actual trades from start to finish.

This is a rare chance to see this strategy in action and learn how to make it your own.


ELITE / $1,097 $2,591

Recorded Strategy Class + E-Learning Module + 2 Days Recorded Pro Live-Trading + 2 Days Recorded Elite Live-Trading + Sector Secrets Mastery (Quarterly)

Two Days Recorded Elite Live-Trading

Sector Secrets Mastery Quarterly, and 2 added days of Elite Recorded Live Trading with Raghee. Also, with the Elite Package, you get everything in the Basic and Premium Packages.

During these two additional Elite live-trading sessions, Raghee revealed step-by-step how she takes advantage of the ‘big picture’ to increase profits. The recordings of these two sessions is like getting a whole additional class and a deeper dive into her ETF strategy.

If you know how much you can learn and grow as a trader following just ONE recorded live-trading session, imagine what FOUR could do?

And that’s just the beginning of what makes the Elite Package the best choice if you’re ready to go “all in”…

Sector Secrets Mastery


Live Trading


Updated Trade Spreadsheet


Real-Time Trade Alerts

Raghee’s Sector Secrets Mastery is where she shares her actual trades in real-time. Too busy to watch? With the Sector Secrets Mastery, trades made by Raghee can be sent via push notifications to your mobile device so you won’t have to worry about missing her trades.

When you join Sector Secrets Mastery (Quarterly) you get access to all of this:

Case Study: Raghee’s EOD trades that take only ONE hour a day (5 hours a week)

Why being a retail trader should not be a full-time job

The secret to getting your time back each day (and being more consistently profitable)

What your P&L needs to see for steady growth year after year

How to make the best watchlist for your trading

Case Study: Raghee’s $1,615 profit per contract in FDX

And so much more…

With Sector Secrets Mastery, you get to follow Raghee’s trades without even watching the market unless you want to.

The overall goal is for you to master Raghee’s strategy at your own pace while you get her trade alerts. Why go at it alone when you can follow a veteran trader in real-time?

Circle - Raghee

About Raghee Horner

With several books published, Raghee Horner is highly skilled at trading futures, forex, and options. Her love for her work and enthusiasm for teaching others shines through when you follow her in the Simpler Trading Futures Gold Room and in Sector Secrets Mastery. She combines technical analysis and “big picture” market psychology to find strong setups, and then she relays that information to you as she teaches you from top to bottom. Raghee enjoys nothing more than teaching her students how to ride the waves of those long-term trends.

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