The “Big 3” Squeeze System®

How “A+ Setups” Generated 10x Gains (with Zero Guesswork)

Taylor Horton, VP of Directional Options Strategies 

What's Included:

  • Big 3 Squeeze Strategy Class (Value $497)
  • Big 3 Squeeze Indicator (Value $497)

  • Big 3 Signals Strategy Class (Value $400)
  • Big 3 Signals Indicator (Value $497)

  • Simpler Essentials (Value $47/mo)
  • Bonus: The Slingshot Indicator
  • Compounding Growth Mastery Annual (Value $1997)

ABOUT Taylor Horton

Taylor got an early introduction to trading from his father Jim. At age 17, Jim introduced Taylor to videos of John Carter who quickly became a role model and someone Taylor would ultimately model his game after. Not being attracted to the status quo, Taylor decided to finish school online while he devoted all his free time to trading. Since then, Taylor focuses daily on improving his trading skills. He has found success in mastering a single setup, the Squeeze, and is a strong proponent that one can make a career out of trading nothing but this setup alone. Taylor seeks to teach and educate others on making trading a legitimate career path out of trading which allows for freedom, gratification, and success based on their own hard work.

The “Big 3” Squeeze System:

Discover the proven system behind Taylor’s astonishing account growth. He’ll show you exactly how he achieved 10x gains in just 6 weeks. Taylor’s breakthrough “A+ Setups” helped him avoid sub-par opportunities and target more explosive gains with 100% objective buy and sell signals. Welcome to the next evolution of the Squeeze!

Now, with the Slingshot Indicator update.


Options, Futures, Stock Traders

Most Skill Levels and Time Frames

New to Advanced Traders

All Account Sizes


When You Sign Up You Also Get These Exclusive Bonuses

Big 3 Squeeze Indicator
The Big 3 Squeeze is designed specifically to find the most explosive Squeeze setups. These “supercharged” signals align directly with Taylor’s “Big 3” pre-conditions. The new Big 3 Squeeze is Taylor’s secret for ONLY taking valid “A+ Setups” with zero guesswork.
Big 3 Signals Strategy Class
Taylor’s trading style focuses on trading setups with consistent options strategies. Through a strict checklist that’s incorporated into the indicator, Taylor is able to identify potentially explosive directional moves. This class will cover how Taylor’s strategy takes into account the “big 3” trend, structure, and momentum, in addition to using his checklist with criteria on multiple timeframes to identify the cleanest A+ trend trades to enter.
Big 3 Signals Indicator
Taylor’s most popular indicator, the Big 3, is designed to help identify “A+ Setups” when Taylor’s criteria are aligned for an explosive up or down move. The goal is to know whether to go long or short and when to get out. This indicator prints 2 separate colored arrows: a green arrow for buy signals and a red arrow for sell signals.
The Slingshot Indicator
The slingshot is an addition to the Big 3 System that plots bull/bear slingshot signals directly on your chart. These colored arrows indicate whether or not there is a bullish or bearish slingshot squeeze happening. This also includes an added "Slingshot" label to the Big 3 Squeeze labels.
Compounding Growth Mastery Annual
Members get to follow Taylor’s setups in real-time with total transparency. You’ll see how Taylor targets growth with explosive Big 3 squeeze trades. Plus, you get exclusive live trade sessions with Taylor every week so you can master his system at your own pace.


What's included
  • Big 3 Squeeze Strategy Class (Value $497)
  • Big 3 Squeeze Indicator (Value $497)
  • Big 3 Signals Indicator (Value $497)
  • Big 3 Signals Strategy Class(Value $400)
  • BONUS: The Slingshot Indicator
  • Simpler Essentials (Value $47/mo)
  • Compounding Growth Mastery Annual (Value $1997)
What's included
  • Big 3 Squeeze Strategy Class (Value $497)
  • Big 3 Squeeze Indicator (Value $497)
  • Big 3 Signals Indicator (Value $497)
  • Big 3 Signals Strategy Class(Value $400)
  • BONUS: The Slingshot Indicator
  • Simpler Essentials (Value $47/mo)
  • Compounding Growth Mastery Annual (Value $1997)

Here’s what our members have said about Taylor Horton:

“Taylor’s program looks great. Structure, planned entry exit, well thought out, no more emotion involved.”

- Dave

“Thanks for the watch list implying : do it on your own if you dare but I'm gonna keep my tracked p/l on a safe side. Love your style!” 

- Jill

“Your classes are great, really enjoyed your last which I am here for your second the additions are amazing!” 

-  Craig NZ

“Always enjoy listening to your analysis of the market. look forward to the next time.” 

- Stephen

“Bravo!! Taylor is a great teacher - your comments are right on”

- Lou

I think Taylor's ST_Big3 _Histogram is a Holy Grail!! Much more accurate and nuanced than the TTM Squeeze Histogram. Just sayin'



A: Absolutely! You will receive access to an indicator installation session, along with textual guides and other valuable materials.

A: Traders who purchase any of these bundles will have access to these indicators and scans and all videos associated with it forever with no additional fees.

A: The Indicator works with ThinkorSwim and TradingView.

A: You get instant access to Taylor’s Big 3 Squeeze recordings immediately when you secure your purchase by clicking on the “Buy” button on this page. Or call or email our awesome support team at (512) -266-8659 or support [email protected]

A: Traders who sign up for this class will have access to the recording of not only the class itself, but also the live trading sessions associated with it forever.

A: As an active Compounding Growth Mastery member, you’ll see the latest strategies in action from Taylor.  Why trade alone when you can get trading ideas from Taylor in real-time?

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